Hydro Seats are 100% Made of Recycled Aluminum

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Hydro Seats are 100% Made of Recycled Aluminum


Norway's hydro aluminum company is one of the world's five largest aluminum companies and the "greenest" large aluminum company in the world. The "greenest" mentioned by the author here refers to the lowest carbon footprint of its products. In 2021, hydro aluminum launched two admirable aluminum alloy daily necessities, which are made of 100% recycled aluminum alloy. One is called "hydro chair" and the other is a bench for outdoor rest.

The design of hydro chair has reached the extreme: the material is 100% recycled aluminum; The minimum number of parts, high strength, light and strong, easy to move; It retains all the advantages of aluminum, clean and sanitary, bright colors, and can be processed into the required colors. It is easy to disassemble. After scrapping, it can be 100% recycled without any mechanical loss. Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials.

Hydro chair uses 5083t alloy of hydro Aluminum Co., Ltd. its composition is the same as that of 5083 alloy. Because it is melted and cast with waste, the letter T is added after the registered brand "5083" to show the difference. 5083t alloy has superplasticity. Therefore, the hydro chair is made by superplastic molding process and designed and manufactured by Tom Dixon in the UK. Hydro aluminum and Tom Dixon began to cooperate in 2018 and finally made this fully recycled aluminum leisure seat after three years.

The hydro chair is made of 5083 alloy waste and can be used indoors and outdoors.

5083 aluminum alloy is a kind of aluminum magnesium alloy. Its calibration composition (mass%) is: Si0.40, Fe0.40, Cu0.10, Mn0.40 ~ 1.0, Mg4.0 ~ 4.9, Cr0.05 ~ 0.25, Zn0.25 and Ti0.15. Other impurities are 0.05 individually, 0.15 in total, and the rest are AI. This is a very common general aluminum alloy, and its plate price will not exceed 35 yuan / kg at present. According to the fifth issue of German magazine aluminium in 2021, the price of this magical seat is as high as 2021 pounds per seat.

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