About XINXU aluminum.

Shandong Xinxu Group Corporation LTD  is a modern group company integrated with Power, Equipment manufacturing, Environmental Project and Aluminum Materials.  The Aluminum materials are mainly used for Aluminum Beverage Can boy and end production. We are serving for Can manufacturers like Ball, Crown and Canpack ect. with reliable quality,  stable quantity and competitive price. 

In the spirit of “never give up and dare to pursue with unity and innovation”, Xinxu Group will committed itself to becoming a respectable enterprise in this industry, thus creating more values for staff and society


Strength advantage

Xinxu aluminium has smelting, extrusion profiles, medium plate and cold rolled four major manufacturing center, independent research and development testing center and logistics center, equipped with international advanced aluminum alloy production, processing and testing equipment, with advanced, complete and independent production and logistics systems, meet the needs of high-end aluminum alloy material at home and abroad.

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Professional manufacturing

A manufacturer specialized in producing aluminium hard alloys and cladding materials.

XINXU Aluminium is a specialized manufacturer in producing aluminium hard alloys and cladding materials and deep processing of aluminum alloy professional manufacturing enterprise, mainly covering 7xxx, 2xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx series of precision casting products processing, hot rolling, cold rolling and extrusion materials.Supported by aluminium production technology for aerospace application, and dominated by transportation products, XINXU is committed to offer quality, products and excellent services for industries of aerospace, railway transportation, automotive, marine, electronics, building and construction,tooling, etc.

Research & Development.

Supported by Institute for Aerospace Aluminium Alloys and Processing composed of Aerospace Material Research Unit, Marine Material Research Unit, Railway Transportation Material Research Unit and Cladding Material Research Unit, XINXU realize self- development and are open for cooperation with home and abroad experts. XINXU aluminium is committed to develop new generation of high performance Aluminium alloys in order to meet diversified requirements of the customers.